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    turKs & CaiCos aggrEssor ii®
· puerto plata, dominican Republic
humpback cruises; whale excursions are from tenders
· providenciales, turks & Caicos
scuba cruises; dives are made from the mothership
Length: 120 feet/36 meters
Beam: 22 feet/6 meters
passengers: 18 Staff: 6
· 1 Master stateroom: queen bed
· 6 Deluxe staterooms: double bed (lower)
and single bed (upper)
· 2 Twin staterooms: single bed (lower)
and single bed (upper), shared bathroom
aggrEssor nilE QuEEn® Luxor, Egypt
Length: 155 feet/47 meters Beam: 25 feet/7 meters passengers: 16 Staff: 12
· 2 Master staterooms: queen bed
· 6 Deluxe staterooms: two single beds
aggrEssor saFari lodgEs® northern sri Lanka accommodations: 8 air-conditioned tents Staff: 12
· 3 King tented chalets: king bed
· 4 Deluxe tented chalets: 1 queen bed,
1 double bed
· 1 Deluxe “Family” tented chalet: 1 queen
bed, 1 twin bed, and 1 roll-away bed, upon request
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