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Six Nights, (8) Luxury Tents
Our five-star tented lodge offers luxury accommodations, mouth-watering culinary delights and personalized service. The property itself is home to a variety of wildlife including mouse deer, star tortoise, Sri Lankan giant squirrels, red slender loris, peacocks, and flocks of exotic birds.
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Wilpattu National Park
Sigiriya Rock Palace & Minneriya National Park
Rest & relaxation at the lodge Anuradhapura & Loris Night Safari “Monkey Kingdom” Primate Center Rest & relaxation at the lodge Breakfast,leaveforColomboand journey home
 Scott Johnson
  Patience for the perfect photo
“We stop the jeep and wait. Suddenly, a troop of grey langurs begin making alarm calls and we know definitely the leopard is near. We waited for about another 20 minutes and suddenly,
the leopard shows and starts towards
the watering hole. We have the perfect angle
to photograph this amazing cat!”
-Marlon, Camp Director
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Sri Lanka
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