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 Maldives Aggressor II®
  The Maldives Aggressor II has the largest, best-equipped, and most well-designed dhoni in the Maldives. The custom-built dhoni is 60 feet long (18 meters), has 28 dive stations, a sun deck, full bathroom, hot shower for rinsing after your dive, fresh water rinse tanks for cameras, four compressors, and more.
  Currents, Cuts and Channels
“South Ari Atoll, we saw a manta and a great formation of young eagle rays. Octopuses were playing with our divers showing their abilities to change color and skin. We also found mantis shrimps, moray eels, turtles, white tip reef sharks, and scorpion fishes.”
– Audrey, Cruise Director, Maldives Aggressor II
 Maldives Aggressor II’s custom dhoni
 Natalie Bondarenko, Aggressor guest
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