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           Inspired By Adventure. This describes everyone at Aggressor Adventures
and our over 350,000 guests. To hear more from such adventurous souls, we started the Inspired By Adventure podcast series. Season One is already up on our website now, and Season Two has several episodes available wherever you listen to your podcasts.
Hear from Survivorman Les Stroud about his amazing adventures. Listen to how Guy Harvey went from a kid in Jamaica to one of the most iconic artists of our time. Hear from retired Egyptian teacher Emile Ghaly with his depth of knowledge of Egyptian history.
“We have a long list of the most interesting adventurers queued up for you!
Find us on Apple iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and others to get your inspiration started. Tune in!” - Wayne Brown, Aggressor Adventures Chairman & CEO
                    Aqua Lung® Demo Cruise
These popular Aggressor charters are hosted by representatives of Aqua Lung International. While onboard, divers will have the opportunity to try new equipment including several different BCs, regulators, computers, masks, and fins from Aqua Lung while exploring the best diving in the world. With the factory team onboard this is the perfect opportunity to learn about the hows and whys of different features of Aqua Lung dive equipment.
Belize Aggressor iii®
July 10 - 17, 2021
Hosted by
Aqua Lungs’ Ted Foreman
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