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    Lava Tubes and Craters
“Molten rock has created an underwater
maze for explorers. Bommies,
hard coral reefs, and volcanic craters like
“Au Au Crater” create a playground for turtles,
barracuda, and hammerhead sharks.”
— Evin K., Guest, Kona Aggressor II
KonA, hAWAi’i:
Saturday-to-Saturday, Seven Nights
    As the sun sets on the Pacific Ocean, giant mantas enter the shallow, coastal waters to feed on plankton. These winged beauties deliver a magical night dive that must be experienced to be believed!
: hAwAi’i, stAr GAzinG
Journey to Mauna Kea mountain, where you will marvel at the brilliance of the Hawaiian night sky. Guides will share
stories, Island culture, and offer a personal look into the heavens through telescopes at a 9,000-foot (2,473 meters) elevation. Ask our agents about add-on Kona tours.
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Kona Aggressor II® Hawai’i, USA

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