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 In the Aggressor 's Shadow
“All Bahamas Aggressor dives are made directly from the yacht, where you may encounter an apex predator, like a massive hammerhead, only a few feet beneath your stateroom!”
— Bobbie, Video Pro, Bahamas Aggressor
Great Hammerhead Sharks
• Length: up to 20 feet, or 6 meters
• Flat head, sickle-shaped large dorsal fin • Weight: up to 1,000 pounds, or 450 kg Bahamas Aggressor divers may encounter Great Hammerheads in the Exuma Cays
 The Bahamas’ lush reefs and sensational wrecks attract over 40 shark species including:
Grey Reef sharks, Bull Sharks, Silky Sharks, Oceanic Whitetip Sharks and Nurse Sharks.
    Tiger Sharks
• Length: 16 feet, or 5 meters
• Blue to light-green coloration with dark
spots and stripes that fade with age
• Wedge-shaped head, high back
Seen during the Bahamas Aggressor’s Tiger Beach and Exuma Cays itineraries.
Lemon Sharks
• Length: 8-10 feet, or 2.5-3 meters • Pale, yellow-brown coloration
• Two dorsal fins of similar size Lemon Sharks inhabit Tiger Beach and Eleuthera.
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